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Each one of SUNY Plattsburgh’s 70+ programs comes with a promise — you will be given the tools to go farther. Leading professors, experiential learning opportunities, and alumni networking connections are all available to help you succeed.

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  1. Communication Studies Major

    Communication Studies Major

    ​If you’re planning to go on to graduate school or if you’re interested in politics, pre-law, speech writing, sales, media criticism and other communication careers that emphasize ...

  2. Computer Science Major

    Computer Science Major

    ​Learn the fundamentals of computer science: programming, logic and math, systems and social impact.

  3. Computer Security Major

    Computer Security Major

    Gain a deep, broad understanding of computer security through an overlap of the department’s three majors: computer science, informational technology and computer security.

  4. Criminal Justice Major

    Criminal Justice Major

    Become familiar with law, the U.S. Constitution, compare and contrast urban and rural areas, and gain an understanding of complex issues surrounding the criminal justice system.

  5. Cytotechnology Major

    Cytotechnology Major

    If you want a career in medical research, clinical laboratory analyses or research, we'll prepare you for certification with our 3+1 four-year degree.

  6. Digital Media Production Major

    Digital Media Production Major

    Learn about emerging technologies and become prepared to work in a variety of fields including website development, digital animation, multimedia production and digital publication...

  7. Earth Science Major

    Earth Science Major

    The Earth Science B.A. program trains students for adolescent earth science education.

  8. Ecology Major

    Ecology Major

    The ecology major gives you a solid foundation in biological science, which allows you to specialize in a many areas of ecology from aquatic to terrestrial to theoretical.

  9. Economics Major

    Economics Major

    ​An economics degree serves as sound preparation for careers in business, law, public administration and finance. The SUNY Plattsburgh business economics program prepares students ...

  10. English: Language Arts Major

    English: Language Arts Major

    ​This major is designed for students who want to teach English at the high school level. A bachelor’s in language arts meets all the New York State subject area requirements for En...

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