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Each one of SUNY Plattsburgh’s 70+ programs comes with a promise — you will be given the tools to go farther. Leading professors, experiential learning opportunities, and alumni networking connections are all available to help you succeed.

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  1. Mathematics Major

    Mathematics Major

    Explore the infinite and the infinitesimal, logic and reasoning, patterns and structure, and master the language that’s used to describe and study scientific phenomena, social and ...

  2. Medical Technology Major

    Medical Technology Major

    A career in medical research, clinical laboratory analyses, and food or pharmaceutical industrial research starts with our program in medical technology.

  3. Music Arts Management Major

    Music Arts Management Major

    This interdisciplinary program will give you a taste of virtually every department on campus. With courses ranging from music theory, music history, to business management, you wil...

  4. Music Major

    Music Major

    Develop musicianship skills and the ability to create and perform your own music as well as the classical canon. The program is flexible enough to meet your musical interests and t...

  5. Nursing Major — Freshman Entry Program

    Nursing Major — Freshman Entry Program

    The program of study integrates the natural, biological, and behavioral sciences, with professional studies. Applied learning experiences are the hallmark of excellent nursing educ...

  6. Nursing Online RN-to-B.S. Program

    Nursing Online RN-to-B.S. Program

    ​Applied learning in this program offers exceptional opportunities to diversify your experience and gain skills necessary to advance your career.

  7. Nursing RN-to-B.S. Queensbury Program

    Nursing RN-to-B.S. Queensbury Program

    If you are looking to advance your career and have an associate's or diploma in nursing and are a licensed RN, our program will help get you there.

  8. Nutrition Major

    Nutrition Major

    ​Learn about nutrition and become an expert who can work with people to help improve health and change lives. Our nutrition program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for E...

  9. Philosophy Major

    Philosophy Major

    As a philosophy major you can expect to develop analytical and critical skills--skills that are highly prized in both academia and the workplace. By studying philosophical texts an...

  10. Physics Major

    Physics Major

    Learn how the universe functions. Through both hands-on applied learning and theoretical modeling, you will develop a fundamental understanding of the world around you.

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