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Each one of SUNY Plattsburgh’s 70+ programs comes with a promise — you will be given the tools to go farther. Leading professors, experiential learning opportunities, and alumni networking connections are all available to help you succeed.

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  1. Finance Major

    Finance Major

    Prepare for employment in one of the fastest growing and highest paid career options available today. Jobs in finance are plentiful in both the public and private sectors.

  2. Fitness and Wellness Leadership Major

    Fitness and Wellness Leadership Major

    Gain the knowledge and experience as well as business, management and clinical rotations to prepare for a career in the fitness and wellness industry.

  3. Gender and Women’s Studies Major

    Gender and Women’s Studies Major

    Challenging courses combine with accomplished accessible faculty, opportunities to get involved in creating significant events and research projects.

  4. Geology Major

    Geology Major

    ​Be qualified for licensure as a professional geologist or go on to pursue a Master’s of Science in Teaching and finish within five years.

  5. Global Supply Chain Management Major

    Global Supply Chain Management Major

    ​Prepare for a variety of career opportunities in logistics, transportation management, operations and production management, purchasing and customer relationships, to name a few.

  6. Health Majors

    Health Majors

    SUNY Plattsburgh offers eight different health majors and 10 health career track concentrations.

  7. History Major

    History Major

    Learn how to think intelligently and critically about the ways history shapes our world. Study with energetic and talented professors committed to student success.

  8. Hospitality Management Major

    Hospitality Management Major

    Be ready for a career in any sector of the hospitality industry with professional preparation in the fundamentals of hospitality management and business education.

  9. Human Development and Family Relations Major

    Human Development and Family Relations Major

    Learn to help solve problems families and individuals face. We will prepare you for a career in public and private human service agencies.

  10. Individualized Studies Major

    Individualized Studies Major

    ​If your interests cut across traditional disciplines or departments, or your career or professional goals cannot be met by other programs here, we can help meet your needs.

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