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Guide to On-Campus Housing

We’ve developed a guide to help you as you think about the housing options available to you and gathered some helpful tidbits.

We supply each resident with a twin extra-long mattress that measures 6' 7" long, 3' wide, and 6" thick.

Housing Manual

The Housing Manual details what we provide you and what we expect of you in relation to on-campus housing.

Make sure you read it!

Substance-Free Housing at SUNY Plattsburgh

Substance-free housing is an inviting community that incorporates programs and activities for diverse interests, where individual decisions are respected and a unique sense of community exists. Since the program began, demand for substance-free housing has increased dramatically and now occupies most of Adirondack Hall.

Residents of this special housing area sign a contract explicitly stating that they will live a completely substance-free lifestyle within the building and that they also will not return to the building in a state that might be disruptive to the substance-free environment.

So, What Is There to Do?

There’s a little bit of something for everyone. The Community Living Staff and Hall Government provide a great variety of activities. Past programs have included:

  • Karaoke
  • Ice skating
  • Sledding
  • Retreats
  • Movie series
  • Pool tournaments
  • Board games
  • Wellness workshops
  • Skiing, hiking and much more!

Programs are especially abundant on Friday and Saturday nights when you’re looking for varied activities and someone to do them with!

Who Lives In Substance-Free Housing?

Freshmen to seniors; students from diverse backgrounds and geographic locations; students with a variety of majors; student government officers, athletes, fraternity and sorority members, club officers and members, musicians. They all come together to live here, maybe you should too.

If you would like this housing option, choose it on your Housing Application.

Gender Inclusive Housing at SUNY Plattsburgh

The primary purpose for gender inclusive housing is to provide support to students who need or request accommodations due to gender identity/expression. We recognize that single-gender housing may not be comfortable for all students. We have therefore established a limited number of areas and a procedure for students to arrange housing that addresses this need. Students signing up for gender inclusive housing will be permitted to have roommates and/or suitemates from across the gender spectrum. We believe that it is important that our housing policy evolve to meet the needs of all students and to create an inclusive, welcoming environment.

Like most institutions, SUNY Plattsburgh discourages students of any sexual orientation who are in a relationship from living together in a residence hall, although we do not question the students’ motives for wanting to live in gender inclusive housing. Relationship challenges or break-ups can pose significant housing conflicts.

Roommates must be mutually requested and prearranged with the Campus Housing and Community Living Office. If a roommate cancels their housing or moves out of the room for any reason, the remaining roommate(s) must identify a new roommate to fill the vacancy. Campus Housing and Community Living will define the time allocated to find a new roommate. This window will depend on the time of year and the waiting list for housing. Typically a resident will be allowed 24 hours, but not more than 3 days to identify another eligible roommate. After that time, Campus Housing and Community Living reserves the right to assign an interested student to the vacancy or relocate the remaining residents to another vacancy; gender inclusive housing cannot be guaranteed.

If you would like this housing option, you must contact the Campus Housing and Community Living Office 518-564-3824 or [email protected].

Housing Accommodations

SUNY Plattsburgh recognizes that students with disabilities may require a specific type of housing accommodation to fully participate in the residential aspects of living on the campus. In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the subsequent Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 as amended in 2008, SUNY Plattsburgh provides equal access to educational programs, including housing, and safeguards against discrimination for qualified students with disabilities as defined by the ADA. Students seeking such an accommodation should follow the procedure outlined here.

Support Animals in Residence Halls

The Campus Housing and Community Living Office has established a policy regarding support animals to assist individuals with disabilities. Being mindful of health and safety concerns of the campus community, the Campus Housing and Community Living Office will reasonably accommodate persons with disabilities who require the assistance of service or support animals, as appropriate. The service or support animal needs to be documented and approved by the Student Accessibility Services Office (SAS). The SAS office will guide students with disabilities in documenting their specific request for an accommodation and will provide any specifics regarding the accommodation to the Campus Housing and Community Living Office. Each request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, considering the needs of the individual and the concerns of the college community.

Student Accessibility Services — 518-564-2810 or [email protected]

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