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The latest news and events for Fraternity & Sorority Life at SUNY Plattsburgh. 

Fraternity/Sorority Life on Social Media

For more information about fraternity/sorority life, like us on Facebook at Fraternity and Sorority Life at SUNY Plattsburgh or follow us on Twitter @plattsbrgGreeks, Instagram @plattsbrggreeks or Pinterest at Fraternity/Sorority Life @ SUNY Plattsburgh. 

Pillars of Excellence Program

Fraternity/Sorority Life, the Interfraternity Council and Inter-Sorority Association are looking for extraordinary examples of fraternities, sororities and their members exemplifying the four pillars of friendship, scholarship, leadership and service.  Groups and individuals can be nominated by anyone: a member, an organization, a faculty/staff member, an advisor, a neighbor, a community agency, etc. To nominate a group, please send an email briefly explaining how the behavior went above and beyond expectations and who specifically was involved to [email protected].

Letter to Families about Chapters of Excellence and Unrecognized Groups 

Fraternity/Sorority Life and the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs are pleased to partner in sending information to the families of new students about involvement opportunities in SUNY Plattsburgh’s fraternal organizations. 

Fraternity/Sorority Life began on our campus more than 100 years ago and has grown to include 26 organizations, 650+ students, and thousands of alumni. Fraternities and sororities promote Friendship, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service - the principles upon which these values-based groups were founded. We are proud of those groups that adhere to these high standards of behavior and support your student if he or she chooses to join a fraternal organization in good standing.

Information about fraternity/sorority life, including specific data about each of our organizations and the policies about joining, can be found online. Please note that first semester freshmen are not permitted to join a fraternity or sorority; however, they are strongly encouraged to attend their events and make the acquaintances of these groups. In addition, students are only permitted to join the groups listed on our website. If you believe your son or daughter is involved with a fraternity or sorority not listed, please contact us immediately.

Of additional interest to you may be our Fraternal Excellence Initiative, a method of annually evaluating the performance of each fraternity and sorority. We are proud to announce that two of our organizations achieved the highest ranking of “Chapters of Excellence” during the past academic year. Exceptions may be made for first semester freshmen to join these organizations, which are:

Alpha Epsilon Phi  Sorority

Alpha Phi Fraternity (women's group)

Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity

Sigma Lambda Upsilon/Senioritas Latinas Unidas Sorority, Inc.

Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity

Theta Alpha Lambda Sorority

Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity (women's group)

We would also like to provide you with information pertaining to two former fraternities that havelost college recognition: Alpha Chi Rho and Pi Alpha Nu.

It has been determined by the College that these groups interfered with the academic mission of the institution. We therefore took steps to discourage affiliation by students with this group. Students who choose to join may subject themselves to College disciplinary procedures, including suspension or dismissal since the group operates outside of College policy. These organizations are not affiliated with the College or an international fraternal organization and therefore are not subject to college group regulations in regard to pledging, alcohol, drugs, etc.

Alpha Chi Rho, also known as AXP or the Crows, was closed by both the College and National Fraternity in Spring 2014 after multiple violations of college policy including disorderly conduct, and violation of previous sanctions related to obstruction of college activities. This group can be identified by the colors garnet and white and may use a crow as a mascot. Their last known place of residence was 147 Brinkerhoff Street.

Pi Alpha Nu, also know as Pi or the Knights, was a local fraternity closed by the College in Spring 2018 for multiple violations of college policy  including, but not limited to, hazing, disorderly conduct, alcohol and drugs, endangerment, violent behavior and violation of criminal law. Some members were charged with violations of New York State Penal Law including hazing and criminal nuisance, 2nd degree. This group can be identified by the colors red, gold and black and may use a knight as a mascot. Their last known place of residence was 84 Broad Street.

We both stand ready to assist your student in ensuring a successful collegiate experience and believe that fraternity/sorority life can be a positive part of your student’s development. If you have any questions or concerns about any of this information, please feel free to contact us at 518-564-2280 or 518-564-4825.


Bryan Hartman, Vice President for Student Affairs

Allison Swick-Duttine, Director of Fraternity/Sorority Life


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