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Current Members

Resources for current fraternity and sorority members.

Fraternal Excellence Initiative

SUNY Plattsburgh’s Fraternal Excellence Initiative (FEI) is a method of annually evaluating and celebrating the performance of each fraternity and sorority. It is an initiative that was developed with students and is coordinated by students.

At the core of the Fraternal Excellence Initiative is the following philosophy:

  • All fraternities and sororities are values-driven organizations.
  • All fraternities and sororities uphold the common principles of friendship, scholarship, leadership and service.
  • The organization’s purpose — mission, values, vision — should be at the core of everything the group does.
  • Each member is responsible for the success of the group.
  • Fraternities and sororities exist as a component of the governance councils and the college.

About FEI

Fraternal Standards Manual

This publication is produced by Fraternity and Sorority Life to communicate the rules, regulations, and expectations of fraternities and sororities. All fraternity and sorority members are responsible for knowing and abiding by these standards. In addition, all clubs and organizations, including fraternities and sororities are responsible for knowing and abiding by the policies in the SUNY Plattsburgh Club and Organization Conduct Manual, available in the Office of Student Conduct.

Recruitment & Membership Education Process

SUNY Plattsburgh allows fraternities and sororities to recruit new members continuously each semester. Organizations may take as many new member classes as they want each year, as long as they abide by the recruitment and new member education policies as listed in the Fraternal Standards Manual. In order to maintain accurate membership files, each organization is required to submit the following forms during the recruitment and new member education process.

Honor Society Applications

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