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Fraternities & Sororities On Campus

Joining a Fraternity or Sorority

The process of joining a fraternity or sorority is one of mutual selection. Fraternities and sororities use different means to acquaint themselves with interested students and to allow prospective members to learn about the organization.

Hazing: A Trust Betrayed

Most students joining fraternities and sororities and other campus groups have a positive experience. However, no college is immune to the possibility of unacceptable behavior among its students. SUNY Plattsburgh takes an aggressive stand against hazing and is committed to educating our students about hazing and its consequences. The publication, Hazing: A Trust Betrayed, has been developed to help our campus community understand the crime of hazing, what it looks like and how to report it. Hazing can be reported by any student, faculty, staff, family or community member. There are three primary ways to report hazing:

Hazing may be reported confidentially or anonymously. However, it is important that all hazing reports include very detailed information about who was involved, where and when the alleged incident occurred, and what exactly happened.

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