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Inviting Family & Friends to Campus

Invite Your Spouse to Stay With You in Plattsburgh

If you wish to bring your dependents (spouse and children only) with you while you engage in studies at SUNY Plattsburgh, you must be able to provide proof of additional funding in the amounts of:

  • $6,000 for spouse.
  • $4,000 per child.

This proof must be in the form of an attested letter or statement from you or your sponsor’s bank showing adequate funds available for one year. This letter or statement must reflect funds in a savings, CD or money market accounts.

We do not accept proof of funding in the forms of property assets i.e., value of house, land, property if sold. If the proof of funding that you have submitted for yourself is adequate to cover the minimum estimated expenses for your dependents, you do not have to submit additional proof of funding. After the International Student Advisor reviews your documents, new I-20 forms will be issued to your family members to allow them to apply for the F-2 visa.

Invite Family Members to Visit You in Plattsburgh

If you would like to invite your family member(s) to spend the summer vacation with you or attend the graduation ceremony, you may request a letter of invitation from GEO to help him/her apply for a tourist visa (B1/B2). Your family member should submit the following to the American embassy near his/her home address:

  1. Valid passport.
  2. Original financial documents to indicate that he/she has sufficient funds to cover the trip and personal expenses.
  3. Proof of ties to the home country.
  4. Copy of your unofficial transcripts to show your history as a student at Plattsburgh.
  5. Letter from GEO to support your invitation to your relative.
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