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Extending F-1 Visa Status

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security requires you to extend your program if you will not complete your current degree by the date indicated on your Form I-20.

You must apply for a program extension and be issued a new Form I-20 before your current Form I-20 expires!

Qualifications for a Program Extension

  1. Your current Form I-20 has not expired.
  2. You have new financial documents that show you can support the extra time being requested.
  3. You have an important, documented academic or medical reason that prevented you from finishing your program as planned.
  4. Academic probations or suspensions are not acceptable reasons for a program extension.

Required Documents for a Program Extension

  1. A completed and signed Program Extension Application.
  2. New financial documentation to cover the extra time being requested.
  3. Medical evidence from a licensed medical doctor or psychologist on official letterhead that states the nature and dates of the illness (only for extensions based on medical grounds).

The Extension Process is Simple & There is No Fee

To apply for an extension, simply complete the required documents above and submit them to the Global Education Office.

You must schedule an appointment with a staff member in International Student Services AND bring all the above documents to complete the extension process.

Maintaining your immigration status is your responsibility. Please act in a timely manner to protect your status and to avoid any problems with your stay in the United States.

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