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On-Campus Employment for F-1 Students

Accepting employment without following these rules could result in serious consequences, including the loss of your visa status. Please review the information on this page carefully.

If you are maintaining your full-time student status, you may take a part-time job on campus for 20 hours or less per week while school is in session (fall and spring semesters), as long as it does not interfere with maintaining full-time enrollment. International students may work full-time on-campus while school is not in session (annual vacations and breaks).

Students must apply for on-campus work authorization EVERY semester. In order to work on-campus you must follow these steps:

Social Security Card for International Students

Recently, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has implemented a new policy that social security numbers are issued to international students for the purpose of employment only. Therefore, the SSA is requesting schools to verify that students are in need of a social security number for employment by issuing a letter addressed to the SSA office. In order for F-1 students to receive a social security letter from International Students Services, a student must have a letter on company letterhead with an official signature from either an on- or off-campus prospective employer offering the student a job.

Students should remember to take:

  • GEO social security letter
  • Employment offer letter
  • On-campus Employment Authorization
  • Original immigration documents (Form I-20, passport, visa, I-94)

The Plattsburgh Social Security Administration (SSA) Office is located at:

Gateway Building, Suite 230
14 Durkee Street
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Toll-Free Phone: 866-964-7430
Phone: 518-562-5421
Find on Google Maps

Please note that F-1 students must wait at least 15 days after entering the United States to submit a social security card application. In addition, the SSA office takes between 2 to 4 weeks to process the social security application and send an official social security number card to students.

Please visit the Social Security Administration website for further social security information related to international students.

Non-Driver State Photo ID

An international student who does not have a driver license can apply to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for a non-driver state photo ID card. He/she must provide originals of the following documents for a total of 6 points in order to apply for the non-driver state photo ID card:

  • A valid passport with your visa and form I-94 with status code F1 or F2 and form I-20. You must show your original entry document and any extension document stamped by the USCIS with form I-20 (worth 3 points)
  • A US Social Security card that shows your signature (worth 2 points)
  • A US college photo ID card and an academic transcript (worth 2 points)
  • A supermarket check-cashing card, bank card or bank statement (worth 1 point)
  • A utility bill including the bursar’s bill (worth 1 point)

If you do not have a social security number, you must also provide a letter or form SSA-L676 from the US Social Security Administration (SSA) that states you are not eligible for a Social Security Card. Please visit the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for more information.

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