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Faculty Directory

Full-Time Faculty

Portrait of Cristian BalanCristian Balan

Lecturer of Cyber Security
Coordinator, Center for Cybersecurity & Technology

Office: 211 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 518-564-4214
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Cristian Balan

Dr. Sabah Bushaj

Assistant Professor
Office: 313 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 518-564-4312
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Sabah Bushaj

Portrait of Ilhan DemirerDr. Ilhan Demirer

Associate Professor
Office: 231 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 518-564-4202
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Ilhan Demirer

Jeff Gauthier portraitDr. Jeffrey Gauthier

Assistant Professor
Office: 316 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 518-564-4201
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Jeffrey Gauthier

Portrait of Zahra GharibiDr. Zahra Gharibi

Assistant Professor
Office: 315 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 518-564-4219
Email is [email protected]
Learn more about Zahra Gharibi

Portrait of Mark GultekDr. Mark Gultek

Office: 234 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 518-564-4168
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Mark Gultek

Portrait of Zareef Mohammed Dr. Zareef Mohammed

Assistant Professor
Office: 206 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 518-564-4221
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Zareef Mohammed

Portrait of John ParmeleeJohn Parmelee

Lecturer and Assistant to the Dean
Office: 335 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 518-564-4189
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about John Parmelee

Portrait of Rohit RampalDr. Rohit Rampal, Chair

Office: 204 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 518-564-3192
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Rohit Rampal


Part-Time Faculty

Portrait of Mark LukensMark Lukens

Adjunct Professor
Office: 310 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 518-564-3522
Email: [email protected]


Faculty Emeriti

Portrait of Dr. Ray GuydoshDr. Ray Guydosh

Professor Emeritus

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