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Dr. Iheb Abdellatif

Assistant Professor of Information Technology & Management

Dr. Iheb Abdellatif, a highly esteemed scholar and industry expert, embarked on his new journey as an assistant professor of information technology and management in the management, information systems and analytics department at the School of Business and Economics in fall 2023. Prior to this, he enriched his academic experience at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, where he served as an assistant professor in the information systems engineering and management program. His impressive academic credentials include a Ph.D. and master’s degree in Information Technologies and Operations Management. 

Dr. Abdellatif’s illustrious career spans over two decades in diverse roles, including chief technology officer (CTO) and IT director in multiple companies, covering sectors such as information systems development, software engineering, data warehouses, business and artificial intelligence, business process analysis and operations management. As a CTO and IT director, he took charge of vast IT planning projects, enterprise architectures, and integration and also managed enterprise resource planning (ERP) and geographic information systems (GIS). 

An active entrepreneur, Dr. Abdellatif co-founded a startup specializing in radio frequency identification (RFID) and internet of things (IoT) technologies. He has also made noteworthy contributions to the standardization committees of the IEEE Computer Society and has published several scholarly articles on a wide range of topics. 

An expert in artificial intelligence, Dr. Abdellatif leverages AI for sophisticated forecasting and stock market analysis. His unique academic insight and practical industry experience make him a sought-after authority in this field. His research interests are centered on the confluence of operations management (OM) and information technology (IT), particularly the use of IoT and AI technologies to enhance business operations and the value chain. 

As he looks toward the future, Dr. Abdellatif is dedicated to delving deeper into the potential of AI and smart systems and their transformative influence on business and management practices. His research agenda particularly emphasizes the application of artificial intelligence in augmenting decision-making processes, enhancing predictive capabilities and driving efficiencies across different business operations. Dr. Abdellatif seeks to bridge the gap between technology and management by utilizing smart systems to improve organizational performance, streamline workflows, and foster innovation. He is notably interested in how AI can revolutionize supply chain and operations management by enabling real-time monitoring, predictive analytics and robust decision support systems. In essence, Dr. Abdellatif’s future research will focus on how these advanced technologies can catalyze intelligent and effective management practices in the digital age. 

Dr. Abdellatif’s addition to the School of Business and Economics promises to bring innovative thinking and cutting-edge research in the realm of information technology and management, reinforcing the school’s reputation as a leader in technology and business education.

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