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Senior History Projects

History majors at Plattsburgh cap their studies by writing a significant piece of historical scholarship. Students are assigned to work with faculty mentors in designing and carrying out this intensive research project. Registration for the Senior Project (HIS 485/486/490) requires departmental approval, and students must submit a formal project proposal. Proposal materials are available in the history department office.

Recent Senior Projects

Spring 2019

  • Mirelle Blair, “Australia’s Stolen Generations and the Realities of Aboriginal Schooling

  • Rocco Cipriano, “60 Minutes with Andrew Rube Foster”

  • Alexander Diaz, “Cultural Preservation & Resistance within Nazi Concentration Camps”

  • Sissy Kilburn, “Little Siberia: A Land of Mountains, Trees and Barbed Wire”

  • Jaykob Neddo, “All but the Chinese: Chinese Exclusion and Rhetoric in Plattsburgh, 1886-1904”

  • Julia Pergolizzi, “Cesar Chavez and Nonviolent Protest: How an Ordinary Mexican American Farm Worker Led an Iconic Movement for Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice”

Spring 2018

  • Kristen Foland, “Looking for Hell? It’s Here and Now: How Robert Rauschenberg and Sandow Birk used Dante’s Inferno to Critique Modern American Society”
  • Michael Colon, “How a Nickel Changed the System: Fare and Politics in New York City’s Subways”
  • Jackie Mead, “Who Does History Remember?: Untold Stories of the Battle of Plattsburgh”
  • James Demerse, “The Real Relationship between Sir William Johnson and the Native Americans”
  • Benjamin Chapin, “Dr. Shock: Donald Ewen Cameron and MKUltra Subproject 68”
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