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Since there is virtually no limit to the topics that history touches upon, enrolling in a history minor can help broaden your perspective in countless different ways.

History Minor

Take the opportunity for guided study into the past with some of the best faculty on campus.

What Will I Learn?

Expand your knowledge of Western and non-Western history in one of our survey courses. Dive into thematic courses in Adirondack history, the history of medicine, popular culture, religion, and migration. A history minor is an excellent complement to majors such as English, political science, anthropology or even criminal justice.

What is Unique About Our Program?

We are not just about history. Students in our program learn the art of analytic and critical reading, and the importance of clear, concise and compelling writing. They learn how to put people and events into context and evaluate issues from multiple perspectives.

What Are My Career Opportunities?

History majors go on to work in education, law, and politics. They make careers for themselves in public history, radio and television, journalism, editing, and grant writing.

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