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Learn the skills that you will need to be successful in a changing job market.

History Major

Learn how to think intelligently and critically about the ways history shapes our world. Study with energetic and talented professors committed to student success.

What Will I Learn?

Expand your knowledge of Western and non-Western history in one of our survey courses. Dive into thematic courses in Adirondack history, the history of medicine, popular culture, religion, and migration. Hone your critical thinking, communication, research, and writing skills in one of our small upper-division seminars, built around intensive discussion of historical documents and competing interpretations. Conduct your own independent research as you evaluate a variety of sources for their credibility, position and perspective.

What is Unique About Our Program?

We are not just about history. Students in our program learn the art of analytic and critical reading, and the importance of clear, concise and compelling writing. They learn how to put people and events into context and evaluate issues from multiple perspectives. They learn how to conduct responsible, independent research using both traditional and the newest digital tools. And they learn how to make strong, effective arguments supported by empirical evidence.

What Are My Career Opportunities?

Our graduates go on to work in education, law and politics. They make careers for themselves in public history, radio and television, journalism, editing and grant writing. And while many stay in New York, our graduates go to work across the country and around the world.

  • Teacher
  • Political research and government
  • Lawyer
  • Research for radio, television and digital media
  • Museum curator
  • Grant writing
  • Librarian
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