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Student Research in Chemistry

True learning comes through the application of knowledge.

Dexter Criss talking to a student
Dr. Dexter Criss explains the use of the NMR spectrometer.
Ewa Pater talking to a student
Dr. Ewa Pater works with a student in the lab.

At SUNY Plattsburgh, we believe that to become a chemist you need to explore chemistry through research. Every student is expected to carry out an undergraduate research project prior to graduation, and the faculty are there to help you pursue research which will make you stand out among your peers.

Whatever your field of interest, the chemistry faculty at SUNY Plattsburgh will help you find a project that meets your interests. With your faculty mentor you will discuss experimental design, learn proper lab procedures, set up and carry out your experimentation.

Once you have your results, it is equally important that you know how to present them through public presentations and written reports. CHE391 (Oral and Written Reports) prepares you to to exactly that. You will learn with your friends both how to present your results, and how to discuss and analyze the results that others present.


Student Research Presentations in Chemistry & Biochemistry

Selected examples of projects presented at national meetings.

Ryan Monahan

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  • 2015 Annual Sigma Xi Meeting in Kansan City
  • A Mild and Eco-Friendly Reagent for Deprotection of Phenolic Methoxymethyl Ethers
  • Research Team-members: Oghale Obaro-Best and Alya Aisyah Fadil Binti
  • Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Rajesh Sunasee

Alesha Shafer & Thomas Sladewski

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  • National American Chemical Society Meeting and Exposition, San Diego

Alesha Shafer and Thomas Sladewski at the National American Chemical Society Meeting and Exposition in San Diego, California in March, 2005. Alesha and Tom presented a poster on their research entitled “Ionic strength effects on the ultraviolet-visible spectrum of aqueous solutions of Congo Red.” The meeting was attended by over 17,000 chemists.

Alesha and Tom received travel grants from SUNY Plattsburgh’s College Auxiliary Services, which covered the majority of their travel expenses.

John T. Asare

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  • 32nd American Chemical Society Northeast Regional Meeting, Rochester

SUNY Plattsburgh student John T. Asare presented a poster session at the 32nd ACS (American Chemical Society) Northeast Regional Meeting in Rochester, New York, in October, 2004. The poster, entitled “Detection of Lead Ions in Aqueous Solution Using Quartz Crystal Microbalance” was the result of research John carried out at SUNY Plattsburgh with Dr. Ewa Pater and with the collaboration of Dr. Stanley Bruckenstein of SUNY Buffalo.

John has been admitted to medical schools in Maine and Florida.

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