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Chemistry & Biochemistry Club

Watch for our on-campus flyers for meeting dates and times.

Welcome to the Chemistry and Biochemistry Club page at SUNY Plattsburgh. The Chemistry and Biochemistry Club is a place where students can get together with a common interest, chemistry, biochemistry or a love of science! Our club is affiliated with the Student Association and the American Chemical Society (ACS) under the name of SUNY Plattsburgh ACS Student Chapter.

Students and faculty meet bi-weekly to plan and discuss activities and events. The Chemistry Club organizes a number of professional and fun activities and events such as:

  • Summer internships workshop
  • Graduate school application workshop
  • Careers in chemistry and biochemistry
  • Panel discussions (Women in STEM)
  • Life of a chemist after undergrad
  • Resume/cv workshop
  • Networking events with visiting speakers and alumni
  • Attendance and participation to local, regional and national conferences
  • 5K Fun Element Race event
  • Annual Chem Club retreat day (Dr. Ckless residence in Vermont)
  • ”Popcorn” chemistry
  • ACS Program-in-a-box annual event
  • Soccer games — and so much more!

Chemistry Club events

Club Membership

Membership is open to any students on campus and you do not have to be a chemistry/biochemistry major to be a member — all you need is an interest in science.

Club Officer Positions

President, vice president, treasurer, secretary, public relation officer.

Chemistry Club Awards

Our Chemistry Club was recipient of the ACS student chapter awards and was recognized by ACS at the national level for a “Honorable Award” for 2017–2018 and a “Commendable Award” for 2018–2019 academic years.

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Club is a great place to find friends with similar career goals and interest that can help you plan for your future. So, take an hour out of your week and come see if Chemistry and Biochemistry Club is the place for you!

Have a Question for the Chemistry & Biochemistry Club Advisor?

Contact Rajesh Sunasee at: [email protected] or stop by his office at 223 Hudson Hall.

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