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Get American Chemical Society Certified

The extra rigor and additional requirements of the certified degree are valued by potential employers and graduate schools alike.

Chemistry Major with ACS Certification

  • Prepare for a career in chemistry.
  • Prepare for graduate work in chemistry.
  • Receive certification from the American Chemical Society.
  • Meet pre-professional requirements for graduate study in medicine, veterinary medicine, and dentistry.

What Will I Learn?

The B.S. in chemistry program provides you with the same sound foundation in the basic areas of inorganic, organic, analytical, and physical chemistry as does the B.A. program; but the additional coursework in biochemistry, inorganic chemistry and advanced analytical chemistry (instrumentation) satisfies the American Chemical Society requirements for certification. The core of 57 chemistry credits (including a required research experience, advanced writing and chemistry seminar), combined with 8 credits each of mathematics and physics prepares you for your future as a professional in the field of chemistry. Up to 30 available elective credits allow students to also select courses as pre-professional requirements for graduate study in medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry.

What is Unique About Our Program?

You will earn ACS certification at the same time you earn a B.S. in chemistry. Obtaining certification of your chemistry degree shows prospective employers and post baccalaureate institutions of learning that you have completed the highest level of undergraduate chemical education. The ACS ensures your degree meets this standard by reviewing all aspects of certified chemistry programs every six years to make sure the program meets the highest standards in curriculum, learning outcomes, equipment, standards for teaching faculty, laboratory education and institutional support. The department continues to maintain its ability to offer certified degrees and its next comprehensive review is scheduled for January 31, 2021.

What Are My Career Opportunities?

Do you like chemistry, but are not sure what you would do with it?

The American Chemical Society (or ACS, the Professional Society for Chemists) lists over 30 potential careers in chemistry for you, with descriptions of what you would do, estimates of the salary you could expect to start at, and current job prospects. Please visit the ACS site for more information.

Chemistry today is an exciting area to study. Approach this site the way chemists approach their field — explore and enjoy.

And what about biochemistry?

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) offers a brochure describing the exciting world of biochemistry. The ASBMB website has a careers section with information about career paths and job listings.


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