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Danielle Garneau holding up a musk turtle on the bank of Lake Champlain

Dr. Danielle Garneau

Professor of Environmental Science

I am a broadly trained ecologist with a focus on wildlife ecology, primarily mammals. At Penn State University my doctoral work addressed movement patterns of black bear in relation to moose parturition in Alaska. I adapted my doctoral research question from pulsed moose prey for brown/black bear and wolves (predator guild) to pulsed mast and their small mammal seed predators to better accommodate student research opportunities. Recently, my research has focused on microplastic pollution in Lake Champlain food webs and wastewater treatment plant effluent, roadkill surveys using a smartphone app, field and molecular surveys of Lyme disease, turtle demographic and home range studies using mark-recapture radio-telemetry techniques, as well as other citizen science endeavors. I have grown my research and teaching skills through participation in projects within the Ecological Research as Education Network (EREN).

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