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Dr. Mark Lesser

Associate Professor of Environmental Science (Ecology)

Portrait of Dr. Lesser doing research in a forestMy broad research interests lie in understanding controls on species’ distributions. I am particularly interested in the factors that dictate range-limits and migration patterns of tree species. My research program asks:

  1. What are the climatic factors controlling a species’ range?
  2. What other extrinsic factors, both abiotic (e.g. nutrient and moisture limitations) and biotic (e.g. competition, herbivory), interact with climate to allow species to successfully colonize and inhabit an area?
  3. How do intrinsic factors such as population dynamics, dispersal capability, and genetic variability also act on controlling species’ distributions?


  • Education
    • Ph.D., Ecology University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming
    • Masters of Science, Forestry Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario
    • Honours Bachelor of Science, Forestry Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario
    • Bachelor of Arts, History University of King’s College (Dalhousie), Halifax, Nova Scotia
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