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Information Technology Services Projects

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Plan Ahead, Way Ahead

Industry supply-chain disruptions and product availability are two worldwide problems that continue to impact our ability to procure technology equipment. It’s a reality that all campus planners need to consider.

Estimated shipment lead times for equipment vary, but the wait could be up to 14 months in some cases. Our ITS teams continue to work with our manufacturers and distribution suppliers to keep a pulse on global supply chain projections. 

The overall distribution problem has created significant challenges in the following key areas:

  • Budget planning and account management — shipment lead times can cross over fiscal years.
  • Extended and unpredictable shipment lead times.
  • Sustainability planning and equipment replacements for IT equipment across campus.
  • Most importantly — our ability to respond to short planning cycles for campus projects, initiatives, and even equipment failures.

How You Can Help

If you are planning a project in the near future or have something planned for the summer of 2023, please submit an ITS project request on our ITS Portal.

We will review your IT service needs. This engagement allows us to assess your project for IT needs and evaluate options to address supply chain lead times.

Recent News & Projects

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