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Key Access and Authorization Policy

Approved by Executive Council on October 4, 2011

Policy Number Policy Owner
8003.1 University Police

1.0    Purpose

To provide guidance to all SUNY Plattsburgh employees, students and affiliates on the authorization procedures for obtaining keyed access to campus buildings and property.

2.0    Revision History

Date Version Change Ref Section
10/4/2011 1.0 New Document  
9/7/2015 1.1 Minor Revisions  
1/6/2017 1.2 Minor Revisions  
3/1/2017 1.3 Minor Revisions Owner

3.0    Units and Persons Affected

All campus personnel and students.

4.0    Policy

Keyed access to all buildings, classrooms and interior spaces on campus is subject to restriction by the administration to improve security while maintaining the functionality of the campus as a whole.

5.0    Definitions

    5.1    Names of Keys and Their Respective Functions

        5.1.1    Grandmaster Key: Key that opens all doors to several buildings with isolated exceptions

        5.1.2    Building Master Key: Key that opens all doors in a single building, except for isolated rooms/doors for security reasons

        5.1.3    Sub-Master Key: Key that opens a large number of doors within a single building

        5.1.4    Building Entrance Key: Key that allows admittance to the interior of a building from outside only

        5.1.5    User Key: Key that opens a personal office or single door

        5.1.6    Core Release Key: Key that removes cores from lock cylinders

6.0    Responsibilities

    6.1    Installation and Maintenance of Keyed Locks – College Locksmith

    6.2    Creation of New Keys from Sanctioned Key Requisitions – College Locksmith

    6.3    Documentation and Recording of Lost or Stolen Keys – University Police & College Locksmith

    6.4    Distribution of Newly Created Keys & Collection of Returned Keys – University Police & College Locksmith

    6.5    Generation of Letters to Supervisors Regarding Key Return by Separating Employees –  University Police

    6.6    Creation and Revision of Key Authorization Lists – Department Chairs

    6.7    Accepting Payment for the Student Key Issuance Fee – Student Accounts

7.0    Procedure

    7.1    CAMPUS ACCESS

        7.1.1    The following individuals will have access to the following buildings/areas described:

      University Police

          Officers: Issued grandmaster and non-grandmaster keys with 24/7 access to all areas.

          Department: Maintain a key lockbox for 24/7 access for approved personnel to grandmaster, building master, and select room keys.

      Access Control Personnel & Network Operations

          Issued keys to work areas, including but not limited to restricted areas specifically within the realm of installed systems (e.g., all building entrance keys, data closets, and restricted electrical rooms).

      Trade/Maintenance Personnel

          Custodial/Moving: Issued sub-master key(s) related to storage/cleaning areas, and key to common areas for assigned buildings (e.g., classrooms and work areas).

          Grounds: Issued gate key(s) and all grounds storage area keys.

          Heating Plant: Issued keys to heating plant, building masters, DJ keys, and ENG keys.

          Trades: Issued keys to mechanical & storage areas and building masters; plumbers and electricians issued keys to restricted electrical areas.

           College Locksmith: Have unrestricted access to all keys, including core release keys.

          Mail/Delivery: Issued keys to all mail rooms, and mail storage areas.

      Facilities Personnel

          Project Managers: Issued grandmasters.

          Site Representative: Issued keys to all areas under project control; keys must be turned in after the conclusion of the project.

      Environmental Health & Safety Personnel: Issued keys to all mechanical & electrical areas, and building masters.

      Departmental Personnel: Issued user keys directly related to job function; entrance keys will not be issued unless the job description clearly outlines the need for after-hours access.                                                                                            

      Contractors/Vendors: Keys are not to be permanently issued to outside employees; keys may be issued to SUNY Plattsburgh employee responsible for interacting with the outside agency/user for use in conjunction with daily sign in/out procedures, except for grandmaster keys.                                                                             

      Retired Personnel: Keys must be turned in to the college upon retirement; retirees may request key (re)assignment through the appropriate dean or department chair.                            


        7.2.1    General Key Control Policies

      The College Locksmith is responsible for performing all work pertaining to lock cylinders including, but not limited to: cleaning locks, cutting keys, issuing keys, maintaining records of distribution & replacement, and ordering necessary supplies.

      All keys are issued exclusively by the College Locksmith.

      No door locks are to be installed unless they are state/university owned and approved by the College Locksmith.

      Lost or stolen keys are to be reported immediately to University Police.

          A service report/incident report will be completed by University Police.

         If a replacement key is needed, a new key request form must be completed.

          In the event lost keys are found, they must be returned to University Police immediately.

      All keys must be turned in to the College Locksmith or University Police when  an employee is leaving college employ.

          The employee’s supervisor will be notified by letter to instruct said employee to turn in their keys to University Police.

      Requests for keys outside of an employee’s defined role(s) will be denied.

      Building entrance and room keys will not be issued to any individual(s) for buildings or rooms where at least one entrance is served by electronic card access.

NOTE: All general key control policies and procedures (above) accompany the faculty/staff- and student-specific policies and procedures described below.

        7.2.2    Faculty/Staff-Specific Key Control Policies

      Keys are issued to faculty/staff upon completion of a key request form. 

          The form must have the signature of his or her department chair/supervisor.

          Completed requests are to be sent to the College Locksmith office for further processing.

          When keys are cut, they will be delivered to University Police for pickup by the requestor (requires proof of identity via SUNY Plattsburgh or government-issued photo ID); please allow five (5) business days for completion of requests.

          If keys are not picked up from University Police within ten (10) business days from the request date, they will be returned to the College Locksmith and a new key request form must be submitted to obtain key(s).

      When requesting a replacement key, the original key must be turned in to the College Locksmith.

          If the original key has been lost or stolen, a report must be filed with University Police before a new key request is honored.

        7.2.3    Student-Specific Key Control Policies

      Normally, students are not issued building entrance keys for building access.  They may however be issued keys to individual rooms with the approval of the area supervisor or department chair.

          The area supervisor or department chair may request that a student sign-in/sign-out a building entrance key as needed.

      All key requests must be made via a properly completed student key request form and with a payment of a key issuance fee being paid at Student Accounts.

        7.2.4    Temporary Building/Room Access Policies

      Temporary access keys will be obtained through University Police.

          The name of the person who wishes to obtain the key(s) must appear on an authorization list prior to issuance.

              Authorization lists are generally revised at the start of each semester; however, an authorization list will not be valid for longer than one academic year.

              Updates or changes to an authorization list must be submitted in the form of a complete superseding list; incremental additions will not be accepted.

          A SUNY Plattsburgh or government-issued photo ID must be presented at the time of issuance. The photo ID will be held in a secure place by University Police until the key(s) has been returned.

          All persons must acknowledge receipt and return of key(s) by signing the temporary building use register.

          The person signing out key(s) will be held responsible for its return.

          Key(s) cannot be given or lent to another person while under the control of the initial authorized individual.

          Any lost or stolen key(s) must be reported immediately to University Police.

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