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Paying for Travel & Getting Reimbursed

Allowable Travel Expenses

The college will reimburse actual, necessary and reasonable business expenses incurred when an employee is in official travel status.

State employees incur a number of expenses while on travel. While most expenses are reimbursable, there are limitations to what can be claimed and it is important that you are familiar with the expenses that are allowable.

Allowable Expenses

Expense Type Expense Description
Lodging and Meals Breakfast and dinner, hotel room charges.
Transportation Common carrier (bus, train, air), state vehicle, personal vehicle, rental car, gas, tolls, parking, shuttle, and ferry tickets.
Incidental and Miscellaneous Expenses Conference registration fees, business-related telephone calls, internet usage charges, baggage transfer and storage, supplies and materials, reasonable and customary tips for valet parking and taxicabs, and out-of-state tax charges.

Prohibited Expenses

Expense Type Expense Description
Lodging and Meals Early bird check-in option fees, lunch, alcohol.
Transportation Non-cash airline or hotel credits (e.g., frequent flyer mileage, traveler rewards, gift card), upgrade or seat selection charge, trip cancellation insurance, personal insurance for airfare or rental vehicles, speeding fines, parking tickets.
Incidental and Miscellaneous Expenses ATM Fees, entertainment (e.g. Pay TV, movies, sightseeing, golf outings), laundry (except state funded travel which include laundry expenses for extended stay at international locations are reimbursable), New York state lodging sales tax, expenses for anyone other than the traveler.

Paying for Travel Expenses

In most circumstances, travel expenses should be paid in one of two ways:

  • State-issued Travel Card
  • Personal Credit Card/Cash

Note: In a few cases there is a third option: Direct billing with either a procurement card or purchase order. Because this is mostly used with conference registration fees or vehicle reservations, paying with these methods are covered in the relevant How-to Guides

Travel Card

The Citibank VISA Travel Card ("T-Card") Program is intended to reduce the amount of employee out-of-pocket expenses when traveling on behalf of SUNY Plattsburgh. Employee-issued state travel credit cards are to be used only by the individual employee named on the card only while in travel status.

What You Need to Know About Travel Cards

Get A Travel Card


Personal Credit Card/Cash

If you do not have a T-Card, you can pay for your travel expenses out of pocket by either using a personal credit card or cash. You should maintain documentation for all allowable purchases made for travel as these will need to be accounted for when you submit a Travel Voucher.

Travel Advance

Travelers who do not have a T-Card OR who are traveling abroad may be eligible to request a travel advance to help them pay for legitimate out-of-pocket expenses incurred while on travel.

Travel advances are limited to $400 and must be requested on the Travel Authorization and Advance Form at least 30 days in advance of the travel. For more information, see our Travel Advance How-To Guide.

Getting Reimbursed

Within 30 days of returning from travel, travelers are expected to complete a Travel Voucher. The voucher accounts for all expenses incurred by the employee and is used to request reimbursement of appropriate out-of-pocket expenses. Travel vouchers must be fully completed with supporting documentation attached and have necessary approvals.

Type of Expenses Documentation Required

Travel Card Charges (Any)

Lodging (Method 1-Unreceipted) No Receipt unless charged to T-Card
Lodging (Method 2-Receipted) Receipt
Dinner or Breakfast Meals (Overnight Trip) No Receipt unless charged to T-Card
Day Trip Extra Meals (Receipted Method) Itemized Receipt
Day Trip Extra Meals (Unreceipted Method) No receipt required
Airfare, Bus, Train Ticket stub if purchase price is printed on the stub; receipt and ticket stub if purchase price is not printed on the stub
Gas (Rental Vehicle Only) Receipt
Personal Vehicle Statement of Automobile Travel
Rental Car Receipt (Must include return Time)
Taxi/Uber/Lyft Receipt
Tolls-EZ Pass EZ Pass statement with applicable charged indicated
Tolls-Cash Receipt
Miscellaneous and incident expenses Receipt

Upon receiving the fully approved form, Procurement Services will process payment of any reimbursement.  Any necessary reimbursements will be paid in the same way you receive your payroll.

For more information on completing the travel voucher, please see our detailed How-To Guide.

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