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Procurement Services Staff Directory

Our Staff

Jenna Beauregard

Director of Procurement Services
Phone: 518-564-3606
Email: [email protected]

Contact Jenna regarding:

  • Procurement Services team lead
  • Approval of campus contracts, agreements, permits and purchase orders
  • Formal solicitations (RFPs, RFQs and IFBs)
  • Project Sunlight coordinator
  • Vendor responsibility determinations


Contracts & Purchasing Services 

Karrie Durkee

Assistant Director of Contracts and Purchasing
Phone: 518-564-3606
Email: [email protected]

Contact Karrie regarding:

  • Contract Encumbrances
  • Strategic sourcing identification, promotion and development
  • Preparation of formal solicitations (RFPs, RFQs, IFBs)
  • Reasonableness of price determinations
  • Vendor responsibility review
  • M/WBE and SDVOB compliance
  • M/WBE administrator

Mitchell Guanga

Procurement Assistant
Phone: 518-564-3606
Email: [email protected]

Contact Mitchell regarding:

  • Purchase orders/requisitions
  • Affiliation agreements
  • Property control
  • M/WBE and SDVOB compliance
  • Jaggaer system administrator
  • Employee reimbursements

Payment & Travel Services

Nancy Bennett

Assistant Director of Accounts Payable and Travel
Phone: 518-564-3122
Email: [email protected]

Contact Nancy regarding:

  • Payment and travel services team lead
  • Voucher authorizer
  • Vendor and travel payments
  • Accounts payable policies and procedures
  • Program administrator for travel cards and non-employee travel (NET)
  • Jaggaer system administrator

Stefanie Marchiano

Office Assistant 2
Phone: 518-564-3606
Email: [email protected]

Contact Stefanie regarding:

  • Receiving and processing vendor invoices for contracts 
  • Receiving and processing vendor invoices for purchase orders
  • Receiving and processing vendor invoices for standing purchase orders 
  • Refunds of appropriations
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