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How to Pay for Purchases

Learn more about the acceptable methods for paying for goods and services.

You’ve successfully purchased your item and now the payment process can begin. Learn more about how goods and services are paid for on campus. Regardless of how the item was purchased, the department must provide adequate authorization for payment.

Payment Process


Payment Methods

Be advised, checks are no longer issued for contracted goods and services. Contracts are paid using electronic payments by automated clearing house (ACH). Vendors that cannot accept ACH payments will be notified of this requirement.

Acceptable Payment Method

Employee Out-of-Pocket Reimbursement

Accepted purchasing standards should be adhered to at all times.  However, circumstances may arise where an employee has no other option but to pay for an expense out of pocket.  In those instances the following procedure should be followed for reimbursement of those costs.


Best Practices

Learn How to Expedite the Payment Process

Record Keeping

Regardless of the method of payment, proof of documentation is necessary to adequately account for the purchase and the item.

Purchase Order Documentation

Additional Information

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