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Non-Employee Travel

In certain limited circumstances, the college will pay for actual, necessary and reasonable travel expenses incurred by eligible non-employees.

In certain circumstances, individuals who are not employed by the state of New York may travel on college-related business. This is known as “Non-Employee Travel.” Examples include:

  • Candidates traveling for job interviews
  • Students or registered volunteers assisting with a department’s off-campus program
  • Vendors such as lecturers, evaluators, reviewers or those receiving honorariums

Non-employees are not required to complete a travel authorization and should submit a Non-Employee Travel Expense Form in lieu of a travel voucher.


Payment of Non-Employee Travel Expenses

Where feasible, non-employee travel expenses should be paid with a Non-Employee Travel Card (NET Card) or through direct billing by submitting a purchase requisition to the vendor (such as with lodging). Paying with a purchase order or NET Card is more efficient than personal reimbursement and reduces the likelihood of the state being charged for inappropriate expenses (such as lodging tax).

Get a non-employee travel card

Reimbursement Processing

If reimbursement is being requested, all non-employee travel expenses must be accounted for on the Non-Employee Travel Expense Form. The traveler must sign the traveler certification, attach all original receipts, and send to the designated campus contact.


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