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Syllabi Policy

Course Syllabus Policy

The course syllabus provides a framework for faculty to communicate course expectations to students. A written syllabus must be provided to students within one week after the start of classes. Syllabi must be consistent with the master course outline on file in the department or the dean’s office. At minimum, the syllabus includes the following:

  1. The instructor’s name, office address, office telephone number or other contact information, and in person and/or electronic office hours;
  2. Information on required course materials, projected course content and assignments, including the approximate number and submission dates of papers, projects, and examinations;
  3. An explanation of course policies and requirements including grading and attendance policies;
  4. A list of learning outcomes, including those from the master course outline, the course is intended to achieve;
  5. Additional student learning outcomes for courses that satisfy one or more General Education category or the Advanced Writing Requirement (AWR).
  6. The College Honor Code Statement for Syllabi, which states: “It is expected that all students enrolled in this class support the letter and the spirit of the Academic Honesty Policy as stated in the College Catalog.”; and
  7. The following statement regarding student accommodations: “If you are a student that requires academic or other accommodations, please contact the Accessibility Resources Office (ARO) — 011 Macomb Hall, call 518-564-3844 or email [email protected]. You must certify with this office before using accommodations.”
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