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Weekend Class Scheduling Guidelines


Under certain circumstances courses may be scheduled on Friday evening, Saturday, and/or Sunday, with the permission of the dean. In deciding whether scheduling any or all of a course meeting times on Friday evening, Saturday, and/or Sunday is appropriate, deans will consider whether:

  1. there a pedagogically sound reason for such scheduling (field course, for example, that requires a long time block or that studies a phenomena that only occurs on those days of the week or a hybrid course);
  2. the course is being offered for an audience that may not be able to take courses during normal time blocks (teachers or others with full-time jobs);
  3. if it is a required course, other sections are available to students during normal time blocks.

In all cases, courses scheduled in whole or in part for weekend meeting times must meet the standard requirements for minutes of class time and include scheduled breaks and lunch periods in addition to the class time minutes. Transportation to and from a field site cannot be included in class minutes unless the instructor documents that such time is used for instructional purposes.

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