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Campus Recruiting and Handshake User Policy


By using our recruiting services (on-campus or via Handshake), employers (direct, third-party or other) acknowledge and affirm they practice fair and equitable hiring, aligned with the Equal Employment Opportunity practices.

The Career Development Center at SUNY Plattsburgh adheres to, and expects all employers using our services to adhere to, the NACE Principles of Professional Conduct.

SUNY Plattsburgh provides career development services to all students, graduates, and alumni on an equal opportunity basis. We do not knowingly provide any CDC services to persons, firms, agencies, or organizations that discriminate in their selection of candidates or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, handicap or disability, sexual orientation, marital, parental, or veteran status, or other prejudices. Further, employers must keep all student information obtained confidential unless receiving additional written student consent. This standard complies with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

The CDC reserves the right to deny job postings and/or terminate employer access at any time.

Expectation of Bona Fide Job Opportunities

By posting career opportunities (full-, part-time; internship, co-op), employers accept and abide by the expectation that such opportunities meet the following criteria:

  • Present current contact information including organization name, address, contact person, email address, organization description, pay rate (if applicable), and detailed description of position.
  • Reasonable and appropriate wages (at least minimum wage) for work (excepting unpaid internships).
  • Compensation is not structured as ‘future-draw’  nor dependent on recruiting others to join or invest in the organization nor require investment of applicant to secure employment.  
  • Job function and accountabilities are honestly presented in the position description.
  • The position is actively open; that it, no job posting is fabricated simply to attract resumes.

For Third Party Recruiters

By using our services, third-party agencies/recruiters must meet and agree to the following requirements and terms:

  • The third-party agency/recruiter does not charge the student a fee at any time for services provided.
  • The third-party agency/recruiter has a specific job for which it is recruiting (i.e., it is not building a pool of applicants for future positions). If, because of confidentiality reasons, the employer for whom the agency is working and the specific job title does not appear in the posting, the agency/recruiter must disclose that information to the Career Development Center staff.
  • Resumes received from the Career Development Center (CDC) will be used to fill ONLY the position for which they were sent to the third-party agency/recruiter.
  • Career Development Center staff will not pre-screen candidate resumes. All resumes received for a specific position will be forwarded. in candidates.
  • •All contact with students will be handled in a professional manner, and the student’s disinterest and/or refusal is final.

For Entrepreneurial Employment Opportunities

  • Employers offering entrepreneurial opportunities must pay a base salary equal to or greater than the federal minimum wage and employ within federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Employers offering entrepreneurial opportunities with compensation packages requiring commission only or requiring prospective employees to purchase products and/or services up front may not be permitted to post their opportunities online, recruit on campus, and/or attend Career Fairs.
  • Employers offering multi-level entrepreneurial opportunities requiring or encouraging the recruitment of others to sell products and/or services may not be permitted to post their opportunities online, recruit on campus, and/or attend Career Fairs.
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