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SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury Student Conduct Policy

The SUNY Plattsburgh Student Code of Conduct shall apply to all SUNY Plattsburgh students, which includes students studying at the branch campus in Queensbury with the below outlined procedural changes: 

1. SUNY Adirondack Jurisdiction

SUNY Adirondack Student Affairs and Security are responsible for student behavior on all SUNY Adirondack property, including Bryan Hall. The SUNY Adirondack Code of Conduct can be found in the SUNY Adirondack Student Handbook or in the SUNY Adirondack Student Activities Office.

SUNY Plattsburgh students charged with a violation of SUNY Adirondack rules may have their cases adjudicated through the SUNY Plattsburgh conduct process. SUNY Adirondack and SUNY Plattsburgh agree to early and full consultation on any conduct cases involving SUNY Plattsburgh students. Cases involving SUNY Plattsburgh students will be reviewed by a designee of SUNY Plattsburgh’s Office of Student Conduct. The SUNY Plattsburgh decision in these cases will be final. Students who wish to re-enroll at SUNY Plattsburgh after a leave of absence or suspension should follow the steps to file an application for readmission through the admissions office.

2. Academic Dishonesty

In cases of suspected academic dishonesty, for both branch and main campus courses and Plattsburgh online courses taken by branch campus students, the SUNY Plattsburgh policy, as set forth in the Student Academic Honesty Policy and Student Code of Conduct Manual is in effect:

  1. In cases where a SUNY Plattsburgh student is found guilty of academic dishonesty in a SUNY Adirondack course in which the student is cross-registered, SUNY Adirondack will inform the branch campus designee and the Director of Student Conduct on the main campus of the sanctions applied against the student.

3. SUNY Plattsburgh Jurisdiction

In cases of alleged student misconduct in the branch campus office suites or disruption of a SUNY Plattsburgh classroom by branch campus students, the SUNY Plattsburgh policies, as set forth in the Student Conduct Manual, are in effect.

Generally, university jurisdiction and adjudication shall be limited to reported conduct that occurs on university-owned or leased property and/or at university-related events/activities, which includes SUNY Plattsburgh’s branch campus in Queensbury. The university maintains the right to adjudicate reported conduct that occurs off campus if it results in charges of a misdemeanor or felony or if it adversely affects the university’s community and/or the pursuit of its objectives. 

4. Annual Review

The Student Conduct Manual is reviewed and revised annually as appropriate. The main campus will involve the branch campus in this process and communicate updates as appropriate.

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