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Student Awards in SBE

A Message from the Dean

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and administration, I convey our sincerest congratulations to all of our spring 2024 School of Business and Economics (SBE) award recipients. Thank you for choosing to spend your precious college years with us here in the SBE at SUNY Plattsburgh!

The pursuit of academic excellence is no easy task. The rigor of the classroom experience coupled with managing our lives can be a challenging combination to master. Therefore, those who have achieved academic excellence should be extraordinarily commended for their efforts and success. These individuals have become a much stronger version of “themselves,” a SUNY graduate who is much more prepared to embark on a life journey of excellence.

This commitment to excellence, intellectual curiosity and relentless pursuit of knowledge has set these individuals apart as the most outstanding students in our School of Business and Economics. Their achievements reflect not only their personal commitment to education but also the unwavering support and guidance provided by our esteemed faculty members.

These awards further serve as a testament to our students’ hard work and perseverance. It recognizes the countless hours of study, the intellectual challenges they have overcome, and the innovative ideas they have brought to our academic community. It recognizes their passion for learning, their intellectual curiosity, and their desire to make a difference in the world.

As these impressive individuals embark on the next chapter of their academic journey or professional career, we are reminded that this award is not just a recognition of past achievements but also a reminder of the immense potential they possess. I have no doubt that our award recipients will continue to make remarkable strides in their chosen field and leave an indelible mark on society.

— Dr. Brian Neureuther

Spring 2024 SBE Award Recipients

Accounting Awards

Economics & Finance Awards

Management, Information Systems, & Analytics (MISA) Awards

Marketing & Entrepreneurship Awards

Supply Chain Management & International Business (SCIB) Awards

School of Business & Economics Awards

The awards and scholarships are made possible by gifts from SBE alumni, faculty, staff, regional businesses and organizations, other friends in the community, College Auxiliary Services, the Plattsburgh College Foundation and the Mark Rabin Golf Tournament.

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