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Combined with a strong liberal arts foundation, our programs introduce you to the areas of accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, management and marketing along with networking opportunities and real-world experience through internships.

Supply Chain Management & International Business Department

The international business programs at SUNY Plattsburgh are unique — they offer you the opportunity to develop a broad understanding and perspective of the best principles and practices within the 21st century world of business. You will experience the freedom to use the principles and practices that you have discovered in all the business areas and apply it to your future business careers and aspirations.

Our supply chain management programs focus on ways to analyze and improve business processes throughout the supply chain so that an organization runs better (faster and using fewer costs while maintaining a specific degree of quality). Industry expects graduates from supply chain programs to have:

  • Good analytical skills
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to think system wide

Therefore, the supply chain program is designed to do just that!

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