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Student Profiles

Meet our sociology students.

Johanna Guilfoyle

Johanna, from Ballston Spa, New York, was a recipient of the Redcay Outstanding Student Scholarship. She will graduate from SUNY Plattsburgh with a B.A. in sociology this spring. After graduation, she plans to serve as an AmeriCorps volunteer before working in the non-profit sector.

Sociology at SUNY Plattsburgh Provides a Personalized Experience

“I wouldn’t take back this experience for anything. It heightened my awareness of other cultures and broadened my perspective on people and the world.”

I like that the major is small enough so that you can get to know the professors on a personal level. I had some of these professors for more than one class, and I felt comfortable talking to them after class or emailing them if I had any questions. The professors create a safe environment where discussion and opinions are welcomed and appreciated.

The best sociology class I’ve ever taken…

Sociology of Women was my favorite class, because it made me aware of not only the gendered practices in the U.S. but also in other countries such as Ethiopia. Lecturer Stan Sabin’s energy and passion made this class memorable. I still think about some of the videos and readings from that class even two years later.

Study Abroad: ‘The Opportunity of a Lifetime’

I was very fortunate to be highly encouraged by my major to study abroad. Studying in Australia for four and a half months was the opportunity of a lifetime. I got to travel all over Australia, and even went scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. I met students from all over the world, and shared an apartment with students from Vietnam, Korea, Nepal, and Sudan. I experienced firsthand the differences in the U.S. and Australian educational systems, as well as the “no worries” lifestyle of the Aussies. I wouldn’t take back this experience for anything. It heightened my awareness of other cultures and broadened my perspective on people and the world. Now I can’t wait to go back and also to travel to so many other countries.

Stephanie Euber

Stephanie came to SUNY Plattsburgh from Saranac Lake, New York. She is a double major in sociology and women’s studies. Her academic prowess has been rewarded with numerous honors, including the Mapstone Award and the Sanghvi Scholarship in Sociology. After graduation, she will continue to study social inequalities as she pursues a graduate degree in sociology.

“I find that I now use the sociological imagination on a daily basis and am able to offer up the sociological perspective in discussions with friends and family.”

Why Sociology?

I have always been drawn to the social sciences, but sociology stands out to me because it encourages an in-depth analysis of all aspects of social life. I have questioned social institutions my entire life and it has always been important to me to discover why some people get ahead while others are left behind.

Sociology at SUNY Plattsburgh Offers “Something for Everyone.”

The sociology department at SUNY Plattsburgh aims to spark students’ interest in a wide range of sociological topics. I have taken classes on race and ethnicity, women’s experiences, the social construction of gender, and I have also learned about research methods and sociological theory. Because of this variety, I feel there is something for everyone to connect to.

The best sociology class I’ve ever taken…

…was Sociology of Race and Ethnicity with Dr. Michelle Jacobs. This course inspired me to reassess my views of our society and to learn more about anti-racist activism. I learned about the impacts of racism on the lives of individual Americans and the consequences of racism embedded within social institutions. I also developed deeper understanding of how class, gender, sexuality (etc.) intersect with race to create unique experiences of oppression.

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