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Sociology Major

What Will I Learn?

The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology provides a general overview of sociology in a historical and comparative context. It combines core courses in sociology with specialized selections encompassing such subjects as women, race and ethnicity, stratification, family and globalization. You can also complete coursework with seminars, internships and foreign languages.

Although classroom learning comprises a significant part of your SUNY Plattsburgh experience, out-of-class learning is every bit as important. Internships bridge theoretical concepts with practical experience, and are a high priority in our department. Past internship sites have included police departments, social service organizations, and government agencies and others. The more practical experience you have on your resume, the more marketable you will be after you graduate.

What is Unique About Our Program?

You will have options to study abroad, learn a foreign language, or get involved with Plattsburgh’s chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta, the international honor society for sociology. The Sociology Club offers field trips and informal discussion with your peers and faculty, along with the chance to meet and learn from people from many different professions and backgrounds within the sociology field.

What Are My Career Opportunities?

Students who major in sociology have a wide variety of career paths from which to choose. You might decide that being a social researcher is the career for you, or perhaps working with women, children, or disadvantaged groups suits you better. Or maybe you’ve dreamed of developing and implementing a policy that will improve people’s lives through political action or government service.

Besides these career paths, many students use their B.A. in sociology as a stepping stone to graduate study in a variety of fields such as sociology, social work, psychology, criminal justice, political science or law. The major is diverse and flexible enough to allow you to tailor it to fit your interests and career choice.

Employment opportunities for those with bachelor’s degrees in sociology include:

  • Administration
  • Advertising
  • Banking
  • Counseling (incl. family planning, career, substance abuse, etc.)
  • Community planning
  • Health services
  • Journalism
  • Group and recreation work
  • Marketing and market research
  • Sales
  • Teaching (with certification)
  • Human resources/personnel work
  • Social services
  • Social research
  • Graduate school
  • Law school
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