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Get on track for a career in veterinary medicine

We’ll guide you through finding the right mix of courses and experiences you'll need to prepare for graduate school.

Pre-Veterinary Path (D.V.M.)

Students of many different majors are on the pre-vet path at SUNY Plattsburgh. The PHPAC will help make sure that you are prepared to apply to veterinary school.


If you are a biology or biomedical sciences major you will take all of the important prerequisite classes for medical school application as part of your major. If you are not one of these majors, it is important to take the following classes.

  • General Biology (BIO101 and 102) 8 credits including lab
  • General Chemistry (CHE111 and 112) 8 credits including lab
  • Organic Chemistry (CHE 241 and 242) 8 credits including lab
  • Physics (PHY103 and 104) 8 credits including lab
  • English (ENG101 and AWR) 6 credits

Some vet schools will also require calculus, biochemistry or other classes. Look up the programs you are interested in to be sure. 

The Honors Program at SUNY Plattsburgh is an important way to show academic excellence. You should take advantage of this opportunity if possible.

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to excellence in academics, veterinary schools will expect you to show excellence in other areas of your life. Extracurricular activities that previous premed students have done include:

Internships, Volunteering & Shadowing

Veterinary schools will expect that you have experience in the medical environment, even if it is just shadowing a vet. We have an affiliation with the Plattsburgh Animal Hospital on Route 3; you can do an internship there for college credit. 

Having large animal experience is a big step up for your application as well. At SUNY Plattsburgh we are lucky to be located near the William T. Miner Agricultural Research Institute. The Miner Institute is a farm and large animal research facility.  They sponsor classes and summer programs from which you can gain important experience for your application to vet school.

Applying to Veterinary School

Application to veterinary schools (D.V.M.) is through the VMCAS system. The VMCAS system opens for the each application cycle in early May and the application review process begins May 31st. VMCAS will require an official copy of your transcripts, letters of recommendation, GRE or MCAT score, and a list of schools where you want your application sent. When your file is complete, VMCAS will send your application to the schools on your list. Vet schools use rolling admissions, which means that they begin to review and accept students as soon as their application is complete. It is best have your application complete as close to the beginning of the opening review date as possible.

Alumni Profiles

Sydney Adolfo, Class of ’21

  • Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

“SUNY Plattsburgh provided me with a variety of experiences that bettered my chances of pursuing my dream of becoming a veterinarian. From a solid core curriculum, to research and internship opportunities, I was given the best resources to succeed. Professors at SUNY Plattsburgh lectured in a such a way that made complicated material easy to understand. They spent quality time on difficult concepts to ensure that all students firmly understood. Office hours were provided but doors were always open for discussion and review. I was once that undergraduate student who sat in the back of the lecture hall terrified to be called on because I had no idea what the scary professor in the front was talking about. Just know, it does get better, everyone at SUNY Plattsburgh cares about you and your success.”

Portrait of Jacob LaVarnwayJacob LaVarnway, Class of ’19

  • Virginia Tech, Veterinary Medicine

“SUNY Plattsburgh provided me with a strong education, advanced research opportunities, and support that guided me into my acceptance into two Doctorate Of Veterinary Medicine programs within the United States. The faculty where a phenomenal support system during my attendance. When I first arrived on campus three short years ago I had already obtained an associate degree in veterinary science technology, SUNY Plattsburgh has allowed me to expand my knowledge in the biological fields preparing me to become the best doctor I can possibly be.”

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