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Timeline for Teachers

This timeline is designed to begin at the end of the preceding academic year leading up to the NCHS Model to be held on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus. A final schedule will be distributed annually by the NCHS-MOAS director. The timeline is subject to change.

  • Late May — Request for Country Assignment Preferences. Teachers will be sent a form requesting their first three preferences for countries to represent at the model assembly.
  • Late June — Assignment of Countries. Teachers will be notified of the country their school will represent for the Model to take place in the following year.

Training New Teachers

  • If there are enough for a training workshop:
    • Early June — for Lodging at the Training Workshop: teachers will be sent a request form (to be returned) indicating whether they will be needing lodging (at no cost) during the training workshop.
    • Late June — Training Workshop for Teachers: training for teachers who will become adjunct instructors of SUNY Plattsburgh for the course (LAS110: Introduction to Inter-American Affairs), for which enrolled students will receive 3 credit hours, at a reduced cost.
  • Individual training at high school:
    • Fall — All-Day Training Session: The NCHS-MOAS director will come to the newly participating high school for training the teacher in the curriculum and management of the model course and delegation, as instructor and faculty advisor.

Preparation for the NCHS-MOAS

  • Mid-November — Registration for College Credit: Course registration applications and program brochures will be sent to each high school, to be distributed to those students taking the Model OAS course (PIG course section or elective) for college credit. Teachers will return their students’ registration forms to the NCHS-MOAS Director, in December, to be forwarded to the Registrar.
  • January — Payment of College Tuition and Fees: all students having registered for LAS110 will be sent a bill, with payment to follow. Please contact the director for current pricing (contact information below). Students who change their minds and decide to take the model course for college credit, can do so up to approximately February 10, with billing thereafter. All course withdrawals must be made by, and all payment of tuition and fees by approximately by March 15. Students failing to make payment by the due date will be dropped from LAS110.
  • Late February — Final List of Participating Students: a list of all students participating in the Model OAS Program (both college-credit students and non-college-credit students) is to be sent from each high school to the Director.
  • March — Informational Materials Distributed: these will include a tentative program schedule of the model assembly, and a final directory of participating schools and teachers. Ambassadors and embassy addresses for possible field trips for briefing sessions can be obtained through the OAS website (Washington).
  • Late March — List of Students Attending the Model Assembly: The official delegation list, including the five delegates and five alternates (by committees), the public information officer, and additional students who will be assigned to the administrative or communications staffs.
  • Late March — Invitation to OAS Model Day: up to 20–25 students for each high school are invited to attend this event on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus. Upon confirmation of attendance to the NCHS-MOAS director, College Auxiliary Services will send a form that needs to be returned, indicating how many students from the school will be attending.
  • April — Model OAS Day on Campus: participating seniors and juniors-as well as juniors and outstanding sophomores interested in participating in the Model OAS Program the following year-are invited to spend a day on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus. They will be given an introduction to the program, a mock-demonstration of a model assembly session, a campus tour (including the facilities they will be using at the model assembly), and a discussion in small groups with SUNY Plattsburgh Latin American Studies majors and minors who have just participated in the university model OAS.
  • Early June — North Country High School OAS Model Assembly: held on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus.

NOTE: Exact dates for registration and payment of tuition will be included in final schedule distributed by the NCHS-MOAS Director. All of the above sections in bold print are communications that will be sent directly to each teacher and for which they will be directly responsible. Please respond promptly to each deadline, as it is very important in the smooth operation of administration of the model program at SUNY Plattsburgh.

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