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Careers After Participating in MOAS

How MOAS can help you.

Through a series of Latin American content courses, a research and writing seminar, and especially the model course itself, Latin American studies you will develop an extensive skills set. You will learn to critically evaluate arguments in conversation and debate, as well as present coherent written arguments and analyses in the form of abstracts, position papers, and resolutions.

Skills Gained

  • Diplomatic conversation
  • Negotiation and consensus-building
  • Speech writing and delivery
  • The art of questioning
  • Extemporaneous speaking
  • Abstracting arguments and critical analysis
  • Hemispheric awareness

Graduate Studies

  • Latin America
  • History
  • Political science
  • Anthropology and sociology
  • Language and literature
  • Economic development
  • International business
  • Law
  • Education

Straight Into Careers

  • Government
  • Social services
  • Business
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