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Sample Agenda for MOAS at SUNY Plattsburgh

Sample Agenda

North Country High School Model OAS

General Committee

  1. Promotion and strengthening of democracy in light of the Inter-American Charter: Youth as torchbearers of democracy
  2. Multilateral strategies to reduce the negative impact of a global recession in finance, investment and trade
  3. Hemispheric plan for Haitian recovery from natural and unnatural disasters
  4. The impact of trade agreements on agriculture in the Hemisphere

First Committee: Juridical and Political Affairs

  1. Hemispheric guidelines and cooperation on criminal law and extradition procedures
  2. Protection Procedures for asylum seekers and refugees, and treatment standards for migrants in the Hemisphere
  3. New hemispheric strategies to reduce corruption, and increase transparency and accountability in Member States
  4. Developing new initiatives to protect the rights of the socially excluded, including, but not limited to, the poor, ethnic minorities, women and children

Joint Declaration: International Law and Climate Change

Second Committee: Hemispheric Security

  1. Inter-American Convention against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives, and Other Related Materials
  2. Strategies for ensuring food security in the Hemisphere in an era of global climate change
  3. Support for the work of the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism and the threat of global terrorism
  4. Multilateral cooperation on energy security for the Hemisphere

Joint Declaration: Analyzing the impact of global climate change on security in the Hemisphere

Third Committee: Summit Management, Civil Society Participation in OAS Activities, and Integral Development (CIDI)

  1. Promotion of social corporate responsibility for green initiatives in the Hemisphere
  2. Social Charter of the Americas: Renewal of the hemispheric commitment to fight extreme poverty in the region in the face of global recession
  3. Inter-American cooperation on eradication of diseases caused by poverty and ignorance
  4. Increasing civil society participation in activities of the OAS and in the Summits of the Americas Process

Joint Declaration: Implementing the Social Charter of the Americas

Fourth Committee: Administrative and Budgetary Affairs

  1. Increasing funding agreements with International Financial Organizations
  2. Cooperating with China on funding the Organization’s socio-economic projects
  3. Guidelines for next year’s program budget for the OAS
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