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Latin American Studies Directory

Faculty Associates

Learn more about Ryan AlexanderDr. Ryan Alexander

Dr. Ryan is an associate professor of history and teaches courses on colonial and modern Latin America, Latin American revolutions, U.S.-Latin American relations, modern Mexico, and comparative slavery.

Office: 222 Champlain Valley Hall
Phone: 518-564-5291
Email: [email protected]
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Learn more about Dr. Ilona FloresDr. Ilona Flores

Dr. Flores is an adjunct lecturer for the anthropology and gender and women’s studies departments, and the Latin American studies program. Her main research interests are in womens’ reproductive rights in Latin America and a continuing interest in early human growth and development.

Office: 129 Redcay Hall
Phone: 518-564-3003
Email: [email protected]
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Portrait of Oscar FloresOscar Flores, M.S.

Oscar Flores is the coordinator for the Spanish minor and Latin America program and is a lecturer (professional studies) of Spanish, business in Spanish, and Latin American studies. His area of research is related to international business and sustainable development projects in Mexico and Central America. He has served in various roles for the North Country Mission of Hope, a NGO humanitarian effort in Central America.

Office: 311 Champlain Valley Hall
Phone: 518-564-3833
Email: [email protected]
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Portrait of April HowardApril Howard, M.A.T., M.A.

April Howard is an adjunct lecturer of Latin American studies and is interested in how international business systems affect communities and environments in Latin America, and how sharing knowledge between hemispheres can create movement toward better and more equitable working and living conditions for all.

Office: 251 Hawkins Hall
Phone: 518-564-3002
Email: [email protected]

Portrait of Fernando IturburuDr. Fernando Iturburu

Dr. Iturburu is a professor of modern languages and cultures. His work spans the cultural, historical and political landscape of the modern Spanish language. He is active in the study of music, poetry and literature in Spanish as well as producing works of his own. His connections to Ecuador and Latin America give depth to his courses in MLC and the Latin American studies program.

Office: 312 Champlain Valley Hall
Phone: 518-564-3832
Email: [email protected]
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Learn more about Dr. Daniel LakeDr. Daniel Lake

An associate professor of political science, Dr. Lake is a long-time student of Latin American politics including research on Brazil in the late 1990s as a research assistant for Orestes Quercia, a former governor of Sao Paolo state (and PMDB candidate for President in 1994), and on civil-military relations in Central America.

Office: 149E Hawkins Hall
Phone: 518-564-5830
Email: [email protected]
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Portrait of Justin LowryDr. Justin Lowry

Justin Lowry is an associate professor of anthropology and works on the archaeology of trade, exchange, and the development of societies in Mesoamerica and works on immigration issues in modern US communities. He also teaches courses in Latin American archaeology.

Office: 133 Redcay Hall
Phone: 518-564-4005
Email: [email protected]
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Learn more about Dr. Lucia ManziaDr. Lucia Manzi

Dr. Manzi is an assistant professor of political science. As a graduate affiliate with the Kellogg institute, Dr. Manzi was introduced to political science research about democratization, political parties, and crime and politics in Latin America. Research about human rights trials in Chile, Argentina, and Peru particularly inspired Dr. Manzi, whose current research focuses on corruption prosecutions.

Office: 149D Hawkins Hall
Phone: 518-564-5829
Email: [email protected]
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No portrait availableKaren Volkman

Associate Librarian

Office: 331 Feinberg Library
Phone: 518-564-5305
Email: [email protected]

Learn more about Dr. Stuart VossDr. Stuart F. Voss

Dr. Voss is a Distinguished Service Professor of History Emeritus and LAS student advisor. Dr. Voss has academic and professional training as a historian and broadcast journalist and has been with SUNY Plattsburgh for 49 years. “Working with students in the LAS Program and, in particular, preparing students for the Model Organization of American States each spring, has meant so much to me over the years.”

Email: [email protected]
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Kirstin Menoff

Administrative Assistant
Office: 103 Redcay Hall
Phone: 518-564-3003
Email: [email protected]

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