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The World of Anthropology

Explore the nature of human beings and their societies, both past and present, worldwide.

Anthropology Department

Are you interested in understanding and investigating the problems and issues confronting societies around the globe?

Do you believe that knowledge and appreciation of other peoples’ beliefs and ways of life is relevant to you and your possible career?

Do you seek a clearer understanding of, and perspective on, American society and culture?

Are you intrigued by scientific findings that give clues to human origins or evidence of earlier civilizations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then an academic major or minor in anthropology may be the program for you.

Program Benefits

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of at least one major world area and its cultures.
  • Critically analyze the basis of global problems and their possible solutions.
  • Understand and apply the methods and theories that inform our world views.
  • Actively participate in learning through internships, field courses, study abroad, and independent study, as well as traditional classroom experiences.
  • Gain a perspective that can be an asset to almost any conceivable career.
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