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Technology Policies & Guidelines

Technology policies clarify use, user and college responsibilities, and rights. The following information and links will provide you with important details. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for making this information clearer or more comprehensive.

Policies & Guidelines

Computer Classrooms & Labs

Computer-use privileges are limited to currently registered students and faculty/staff of SUNY Plattsburgh and to Clinton Community College students who have paid the campus Technology Fee. Learn more:

Computer Equipment — Support & Maintenance

We provide installation, problem diagnosis, repair, and on-going assistance for computers and computer-related equipment. This support is only available for such items purchased from approved manufacturers (currently Dell and Gateway).

Support and maintenance of equipment purchased from non-approved manufacturers rests solely with the campus department that purchased equipment.

Computer Privacy for Employee Machines

Campus-owned computer systems assigned for use by college employees are the property of SUNY Plattsburgh. They are provided solely for use by authorized college employees, in accordance with established policies. Contact Human Resources for further information.

The following warning applies to all campus-owned computer systems:

  • Criminal and civil penalties may be imposed for obtaining unauthorized access to this system or for causing intentional and unauthorized deletion, alteration, or insertion of date. Any information stored, processed, or transmitted by this computer may be monitored, used or disclosed by authorized personnel, including law enforcement.

Reporting Cyber Security Incidents

Employees should always report any unusual or serious cyber security incident immediately to their direct supervisor. If there is any ambiguity about whether an incident should or should not be reported, err on the side of reporting it. The supervisor, in consultation with the director of Information Technology Services, will determine if it meets the reporting standard. For more information, contact the director of Information Technology Services at 518-564-2449.

Technology Incidents

University Police is required to investigate all reports of…

  • suspected computer and network policy violations, and
  • NYS and Federal Law violations.

Investigations will be conducted in consultation with SUNY Counsel. Information Technology Services staff will report to University Police any violations discovered in the course of installing and repairing computers.

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