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Award-winning research

Undergraduate Research Awards

The Lake Champlain Research Institute research award is given for completion of an outstanding independent study research project by a student working with an LCRI affiliate. The recipients have excelled in their research endeavors while maintaining a strong student academic standing. These students represent the best among the many students who interact with LCRI and seek a research experience as part of their education.

2011 Outstanding Presentation Award

2011 Outstanding Research Award

2010 Outstanding Presentation Award

2010 Outstanding Research Award

2009 Outstanding Presentation Award

2009 Outstanding Research Award

2008 Outstanding Presentation Award

2008 Outstanding Research Award

2007 Outstanding Presentation Award

2007 Outstanding Research Award

2006 Outstanding Presentation Award

2006 Outstanding Research Award

2005 Outstanding Research Award

2005 Outstanding presentation Award

2004 Outstanding presentation Award

2004 Outstanding Research Award

2003 Outstanding Research Award

2002 Outstanding Research Award

2001 Outstanding Research Award

LCRI Award of Excellence

The LCRI award of excellence is presented for significant “career” achievements by an individual scientist, with emphasis on mentoring student research.

2012 Dr. Kenneth Adams, Professor of Environmental Science

SUNY Plattsburgh’s Dr. Adams is a distinguished reaching professor in the Center for Earth and Environmental Science. Dr Adams has taught a number of courses, including the popular Field Ecology course in the AESP program. His most impressive contribution, and the reason for this award, is mentoring student research. Dr. Adams has mentored over 100 undergraduate and graduate students as research advisor, many of which are still in the same field of study for their careers today. The responses from his former students about Dr. Adams receiving this award included statements about his never-ending passion, helpfulness, and impact on their career path.

1999 Dr. Gerhard “Gerry” K. Gruendling, Professor of Environmental Science

SUNY Plattsburgh’s Dr. Gruendling has distinguished himself as a consummate educator and scientist working in the field of wetland ecology and limnology. Gerry has conducted scientific research on Lake Champlain and Adirondack wetland ecology for the past 30+ years. Numerous awards, including the inaugural LCRI award of excellence, have recognized his career achievements. Gerry has set a high standard for those who might aspire to receive this award in the future.

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