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Lake Champlain Research Institute staff and faculty affiliates conduct research in many areas including biological, physical, economic and educational topics of concern for the Lake Champlain/Adirondack region. LCRI researchers have generated millions of dollars in external research funds since 1999.


To date we have over 50 LCRI research affiliates (30 on campus and 20 off-campus researchers) involved in numerous projects with students.

Student Research

Since 1999 LCRI has supported over 50 SUNY Plattsburgh undergraduate students involved in research in association with affiliate faculty.

Lake Champlain Research

Students are actively involved in projects involving Lake ecology and other areas. Many students participate in Lake Champlain monitoring in cooperation with NYDEC and the Lake Champlain Basin Program. This project involves characterizing plankton communities and monitoring water quality in Lake Champlain at 15 study sites monitored by the Lake Champlain Monitoring Program.

Other Research Opportunities

Students can participate in numerous other research endeavors with LCRI affiliates.

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