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Writing Across the Curriculum

At SUNY Plattsburgh, we believe that writing is pivotal to the learning experience. Writing is thinking.

We also believe that — to become good writers — everyone must move from passive to active participants in the learning environment.

The Committee: Faculty Helping Faculty

Toward those ends, the Faculty Senate approved an advanced writing requirement for all students and created the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee in 1984. The committee is designed to provide opportunities to help faculty implement evidence-based practices that grow good writers in all disciplines.

The committee strives to ensure that students have opportunities to create new ideas through their written work; to be actively involved in the writing process, using both peer review and revisions; to write for the general public as well as for an audience of experts in their field; and to gain mastery over their use of the English language.

Advanced Writing Requirement Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to synthesize ideas in writing.
  • Students will clearly articulate concepts relevant to a particular discipline in their writing.
  • Students will be able to use writing to communicate ideas to someone outside their particular discipline.
  • Students will demonstrate their writing mastery of the basic rules of English or the language of instruction.
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