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Campus Parking

Individuals are encouraged to become familiar with all guidelines for parking on campus. 

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Common Parking Questions

Parking Safety

Parking safety on campus is everyone’s responsibility. Awareness is the key to improving common parking issues:

  • The City of Plattsburgh prohibits parking or stopping vehicles in bike lanes and crosswalks along city streets (such as Rugar St.)
  • The college prohibits parking or stopping vehicles on campus roadways such as Tower Way, Kehoe Roadway; and in restricted parking areas not defined by two parking lines such as behind the Field House, Hawkins Pond, podium and in front of dumpsters
  • For the safety of disabled individuals, the college restricts parking in reserved spaces and access areas to qualifying individuals in the Special Parking Privileges for Qualifying Individuals.
  • Bus stops are restricted to stopping only to transport people when the driver remains with the vehicle.
  • Loading zones are for loading/unloading goods for the designated terms (undesignated zones are limited to 15 minutes) with flashers on. 
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