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Regulations, Penalties & Fees

State University of New York Traffic and Parking Regulations Part 565 – Plattsburgh consists of the traffic and parking regulations for the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh as approved by the State University of New York Board of Trustees.

Table 1.
Code Violations Fine
2 Unauthorized Permit. Unauthorized use of a parking hang tag for vehicle parked on campus. $25 per violation
3 Violation of Defined Lines. Parked vehicle is creating a safety hazard, or renders adjoining parking space unusable.

$10 per violation

4 Wrong Lot Violation. Vehicle is violating designated parking lot restriction posted on the official campus map. $25 per violation
5 No Parking Zone. Vehicle is parked outside of designated parking, including, but not limited to, parking in bus stop, in roadway, on grass/seeded area, anywhere a signage or striping is displayed, or vehicle is creating a safety hazard. $25 per violation
6 No Overnight Parking. Vehicle is parked in lot that restricts overnight parking after midnight, through 6 a.m., as designated on the official campus map. $25 per violation
7 Handicap Only. Vehicle is parked in restricted accessible area designated exclusively for registered vehicles of persons with disabling conditions. $50 per violation
13 Other Violation – See Officer Comment. As per officer comment, vehicle did not comply with the campus traffic and parking regulations. $25 per violation
15 Reserved Parking Only See Officer Comment. Vehicle is not authorized to park in the reserved parking space designated by officer comment. $30 per violation
16 No Permit Visible. Registered or unregistered, individual has failed to properly display a valid parking permit on parked vehicle. $25 per violation
26 Permit Expired. The displayed parking permit term has expired. $25 per violation
29 Tow Fee. A tow fee is assessed to the towed vehicle, which is separate from fine accessed for the violation. $50 per violation
30 Exceed Time Limit. Vehicle authorized parking term has expired. $25 per violation
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