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Violations, Fines & Appeals

Violations and fines approved by the State University of New York Board of Trustees.

SUNY Traffic & Parking Regulations Part 565 — Plattsburgh  

Individuals have a right to contest a parking violation for Appeals Board consideration. Filing guidelines are available on the appeal form.


Parking Violations & Fines

Code Violations Fine
2 Unauthorized Tag. Illicit use of a parking hangtag for unauthorized parking. $25 per violation
3 Violation of Defined Lines. Parked vehicle renders adjoining parking space unusable.

$10 per violation

4 Wrong Lot Violation. Vehicle violates designated parking restriction. $25 per violation
5 No Parking Zone. Vehicle parked outside of designated parking, creating a safety hazard. $25 per violation
6 No Overnight Parking. Vehicle violates time restriction for prohibited parking (midnight through 6 a.m.). $25 per violation
7 Handicap Only. Parked vehicle violates reserved parking for people with disabling conditions. $50 per violation
13 Other Violation – See Officer Comment for Violation and Location. As per officer comment, vehicle did not comply with the campus traffic and parking regulations. $25 per violation
15 Reserved Parking Only See Officer Comment for Location. Vehicle violates reserved parking restriction. $30 per violation
16 No Permit Visible. Failure to display valid, readable hangtag on mirror or dash. $25 per violation
26 Permit Expired. Hangtag term expired. $25 per violation
29 Towing Fee. Fee assessed to process vehicle towing. $50 per violation
30 Exceed Time Limit. Vehicle exceeds parking term limit. $25 per violation


Report a Vehicle in Violation
Campus members can be the eyes of UPD by reporting a vehicle in violation of the campus traffic and parking regulations to [email protected]. Email must include the vehicle plate number, location, time and violation in order to be effective.

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