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Get ready to work in theatre

Theatrical Production & Technology Certificate

Gain knowledge and experience for theatrical production. Find your passion working with lighting, sound, stagecraft and production leadership through our hands-on certificate.

What Will I Learn?

This certificate is designed to prepare individuals to work as skilled technicians in the theatrical and entertainment industry. Whether taken as a stand-alone program or in conjunction with a major of study, students who complete the certificate will have a broad understanding of theatre and its technical aspects.

Coursework in the certificate provides knowledge of scenery, lighting, sound and costume applications for theatrical events along with leadership skills to participate as a team member in multiple production roles. Students have the opportunity to cater their experience to their personal interests as they work closely alongside theatre faculty, staff and professionals.

What Are My Career Opportunities?

Theatrical production is a rapidly growing industry that is continuing to find new markets. Careers tied directly to theatre, entertainment, film and other live events include:

  • Board Operator
  • Concert Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Costume Shop Management
  • Cruise-Ship Entertainment/Show Technician
  • Equipment Operator
  • Lighting Designer
  • Master Carpenter
  • Master Electrician
  • Producer
  • Event and Production Management
  • Exhibit/Display Designer
  • Facilities Manager
  • Interior Design
  • Media Planner
  • Movie Theater Manager
  • Pyrotechnician
  • Recording Engineer
  • Rigger
  • Scenic Designer
  • Scenic Painter
  • Sound Designer
  • Special Effects Designer
  • Sport Arena Technician
  • Stage Crew
  • Stage Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Technician
  • Theme Park Technician
  • Tour Technician
  • Special Events Coordinator
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