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Counseling & Academic Support for EOP Students


Some students experience personal challenges as a result of the college adjustment experience, the rigors of academic life, and/or distance from a primary network of support. EOP provides basic individual personal counseling to promote positive college adjustment, and to assist EOP students in managing the many emotions and experiences that come with college life. Counseling assists EOP students in developing coping skills and addressing a variety of concerns. We support our students from admission to graduation.


Students may schedule an appointment with an EOP Counselor Monday through Friday during regularly scheduled office hours (8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.). Students who have an emergency or who have immediate concerns may also contact campus Psychological Services or University Police.

Additional Services

Students who need additional counseling or psychological services beyond the scope of EOP services may use the campus Center for Student Health and Psychological Services. The center offers confidential individual counseling as well as psycho-educational and support groups.

Academic Support

SUNY Plattsburgh EOP students stay in college and graduate at a higher rate than their non-EOP peers.

Additionally, one-third of all EOP students have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above.

This success can be attributed to personal motivation combined with regular academic support. Receiving academic support is not optional. EOP students are required to sign a contract at the point of admission that includes a commitment to obtaining a minimum of 10 contact hours during the academic year. Most of these contacts will be obtained through the individual and group opportunities described below.

  • Summer Institute

    EOP Summer Institute will be a virtual experience this summer, but the services and support will remain the same. Our EOP professional staff will meet with each program participant during the 3-week Summer Institute to review their schedules for the fall and make necessary changes. This summer, all program participants will earn 2 credits through successfully completing their Freshman Seminar course. All Summer Institute students will take placement exams during the summer for math, English & foreign language. The results of these exams will determine which courses students may take in the fall. Students’ intended majors will also determine which courses students should take, as well as students’ interests and backgrounds. Students will also meet virtually with professional staff to review financial aid, accept charges, and complete important forms (e.g. Master Promissory Note). This is an important first step in strengthening students’ financial literacy.

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