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Opportunities & Academic Recognition

Volunteer & Job Opportunities

EOP and other students work as volunteers and paid staff for the program.

Volunteer positions include:

  • Peer recruiters
  • Editors/writers/designers for the program newsletter EOPeople
  • Multicultural Student Visitation Program (MSVP) Hosts

Paid office positions include:

  • Graduate assistantship
  • Office assistant
  • Peer tutors

Paid summer-institute positions include:

  • Program coordinator
  • Tutor/counselors
  • Peer tutors
  • USDA monitor/Food & Wellness coordinators
  • Office assistant

Special Opportunities

There are a variety of ways for EOP students to have unique involvement with the program. We offer opportunities for leadership and service through the:

  • EOP-SA (EOP-Student Association) Executive Board
  • EO-PAAC (Educational Opportunity Political Action & Advocacy Committee)
  • EOP Green Machine (environmental group)
  • EOP Exclusive Alternative Spring Break
  • EOP Day of Caring
  • Voter Registration
  • Lobbying in Albany
  • Chi Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Rho Executive Board

Academic Recognition

Chi Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Rho Chapter

Chi Alpha Epsilon (XAE) was formed to recognize the academic achievements of students admitted to colleges and universities through non-traditional criteria. The Plattsburgh Chapter, Alpha Rho, was established in the fall of 1999. Members proudly display their XAE pins and honor cords on commencement day as a reflection of their academic excellence and service to the program. Students who strive for excellence and who would like to receive the distinction of membership in XAE must meet the following eligibility requirements. Two consecutive semesters of:

  • Full-Time enrollment
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater each semester

EOP Academic Achievement Award

EOP students with semester grade point averages (GPAs) of 3.0 or higher are honored every fall and spring during the annual EOP Academic Award Ceremony. Award recipients receive a certificate of achievement and are formally acknowledged by the campus administration during the ceremony.

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