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Information for Accepted EOP Students

What you need to know to make your time fun and productive.

Pre-First Year Summer Institute

  • Program runs from Friday, July 8 through Saturday, August 6.
  • The program is FREE for participants. All materials and supplies will be provided to all summer institute participants.

If you have been admitted to SUNY Plattsburgh and have submitted your deposit, it’s time to start preparing for the EOP Summer Institute!

Each year, first-time, first-year students join us for a mandatory four-week intensive pre-college preparatory program. This is a required program and must be completed before students can fully matriculate (enroll in and take classes) in the fall. Students must obtain a minimum summer grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 AND refrain from violating the summer institute policies as well as the Student Code of Conduct. It is required that summer institute participants fully engage in the summer institute. Students who do not complete the summer institute will have their acceptance to SUNY Plattsburgh withdrawn.

Students will have the opportunity to live in our residence halls and enjoy a meal plan, as well as meet with EOP staff one-on-one and engage in special programming and social programs. When the program is over, students can start college from a point of strength. Student confidence, knowledge and college survival skills are vastly improved.

Our goal is to see 100% of our summer institute participants succeed and join us in the fall. To support that goal, we hire student tutor-counselors to provide tutoring and personal/social support. We also hire a post-graduate program coordinator to provide oversight of the program, its participants and student staff, during tutoring, in class, and during programming. Participants will also meet their assigned EOP counselor. This is a web of support that can help any motivated student to succeed!

Class Attendance

During the summer institute, participants will build skills and confidence by completing two college level classes, math and English, which are non-credit bearing. Students will also have the opportunity to complete their math, English, and foreign language placement exams to ensure proper placement for Fall 2022 classes.

Tutorial Services

Individual and group tutoring is available in both subjects. Tutoring hours are completed after class and in the evenings in our designated tutoring spaces. Tutorial services will be provided by our summer institute student staff. All tutor-counselors have successfully completed college-level math and English, know and understand the content, and are best suited to provide assistance, when necessary. All program participants are required to engage in tutoring as it is an essential component of academic success. Summer tutoring will familiarize participants with similar services offered during the academic year in the EOP office and the Claude J. Clark Learning Center.

Academic Advisement Services

All summer institute participants will be assigned to an EOP counselor who will continue to serve as a resource during the academic year. EOP counselors assist students with a variety of issues and concerns and will meet with all institute participants at least twice during the summer.

Recreational & Social Experiences

Opportunities to participate in a variety of social activities are provided throughout the summer. These activities are designed to:

  • Foster personal growth
  • Provide an opportunity for fun and enjoyment
  • Expose participants to the community and region where they will eventually live as college students

A Typical Weekday in Summer Institute

Sample Schedule
Time Event
9:15 – noon


12:15 p.m. Lunch
1 – 3 p.m. Advisement
3:30 – 4:45 p.m. First-year seminar
6 p.m. Dinner
7 – 10 p.m. Computer access and tutoring
11 p.m. In-building curfew

No tutoring or supplemental instruction offered on Fridays or Saturdays. Instead, the program will have weekly awards reception on Fridays following the EOP Town Meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to participate in Summer Institute?
    Answer: Yes, all new EOP first-year students are REQUIRED to complete the Summer Institute and pass all summer coursework before beginning classes in the fall. Students who do not complete the Summer Institute will be withdrawn from the college and removed from fall courses.
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